Ayr Club Update

Finally….. we have a champion!

Believe it or not, the 2022 club annual knockout tournament started as long ago as July 6th, so after the drawn-out initial rounds and the knockout stages, I’m pleased to report that the final was won last night by Jim, who triumphed over Willie 13-4. This was our first ever ‘official’ 13-point match and played with the added complication of a clock timer for the players to contend with. So huge congratulations to both finalists, and of course a big thank you to everyone who took part.

Following swiftly on from last week when we were joined by a new player, Adnan, this week we were joined by not one but two new players, who both happen to be called Ian! So we now have 3 Ians! One of the new Ians is based in Irvine and hopes to visit us as often as his work shifts allow; the other Ian lives in Glasgow so won’t be a regular weekly player but he intends to come when he can.

Next week I’m thinking that we’ll give the Virtual Money tournament a brief rest and we will have a doubles tournament, pairing people up with a randomly selected partner. Doubles matches are often a good way to improve your skills as you discuss your teams’ moves with your partner before you make the move, and you can also listen in to your opponents discussions too. To ensure we get a good few games completed, we’ll make the matches just 3pts each, and the winning team will simply be the team which wins the most matches on the night.

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