Close up of UKBGF branded precision red and green dice on green backgammon board.

The UK Backgammon Federation (UKBGF) is the organisation which oversees the majority of backgammon in the UK. Everyone with more than a passing interest in backgammon is recommended to become a member.

The UKBGF website is a comprehensive resource where you will find information relating to Clubs across the UK, tournaments and other competitions, and a large list of BG learning resources including rules, guides for newcomers, books, online tutorials, backgammon teachers, analysis software and much more.

Though membership of UKBGF is recommended, much of the material on the website is free to all.

The UK Board for 2023-24 have now been Elected.

Martin Barkwill, Julia Hayward, Kevin Jones, Andrew Selby, Julian Minwalla, Tony Lezard, Danny Gallagher and Simon Hopper.

Unfortunately that means we have no representative for Scotland, as I Brenda Rafferty (Aberdeen Captain) stepped down and Evan Williams (Glasgow and Scottish Captain) was not elected. (We in Scotland had just too few members to get Evan enough nominations – next time – hopefully as he would be a valuable member to have on the board.)

However Martin Barkwill from Newcastle, Ex UK Captain and Phototographer extraordinaire, remains heavily invested in encouraging play North of the Border. We also have Danny Gallagher (Irish Captain) still on the Board, so our voices will still be represented. The UKBGF Board are all very keen for Backgammon to develop North of the Border.

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