Ayr Club Update

Ten of us enjoyed free sandwiches in addition to our Backgammon last night at the new venue, The Bell Rock, in Prestwick. Mostly the games were part of the Virtual Money Tournament with a couple of knockout matches also.

1. The Knockout tournament

This has been dragging on much longer than I originally envisaged; I would really like to get the knockout tournament into the latter stages but there are still a few matches which need to be played/completed. These matches are:

Willie vs. Gill (This match is in progress with the score 5-3 to Willie at present)

Gill vs. Dean (I don’t believe this one has started)

Nancy vs. Brian

If any of these matches are still not complete after next Tuesday (16th August) there’s a chance those affected may have their records expunged. (I love that word!)

2. Virtual Money tournament

After this week’s matches, Jim is riding high in the current standings in the cash table.

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