England v Scotland Ladies Result

Last Saturday saw the second annual England v Scotland Ladies online match. The result was:

England 8 Scotland 7

Brenda Rafferty, Scotland Team Captain provides the following summary.

This year we lost to the English in a match which started very poorly for Scotland but we found our feet by round 3. Three 9-point matches were played.

Last year was our first year of having a Scottish Ladies Team and being our first experience of playing the more experienced English/UK Women’s Team we were soundly beaten.

Our development as a Scottish Team and the effort put in by all the Ladies highlights the great progress made over the last year. I must congratulate:

  • the team, who support each other and have great fun learning the game together
  • our coaches
  • Our Scottish Champions Alastair Woods, Neil Webb and James Newman

All have been instrumental in helping guide us through the tactical and strategic parts of the game.

Well done Scotland. We hope these events help bring more women to the sport which is sorely under-represented in the world of backgammon at present.

We have previously played Ireland twice. Ireland also have an impressive team and continue to have the upper hand when we play them….however watch this space….Scotland’s Ladies
are improving!

Brenda Rafferty – Scotland Ladies Team Captain
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